Can more than one email address be used in an email integration on the same board?

Hi everyone, is it possible to integrate more than one email address (both outlook) and have separate emails send from the separate email addresses at different statuses within the same board? I have one integration active from one of the addresses connected to one status column, but when i try to build the recipe for the second email address and status column ‘add to board’ remains greyed out?

Hi @Darrenj, Adrianne here from! Thanks so much for posting. At this time, you are correct that the email integrations (both Outlook and Gmail) only allow for one email address to be connected per board. Depending on how you are looking to leverage email sending in, I wanted to share with you one of our new (free!) apps called Communihub. Here is a support article with a video + FAQs around how this app can be used: Communihub FAQ

Communihub will allow multiple people to connect their email account to the board via the app so that each person can send emails from their respective email addresses. At this time, we don’t have the ability to auto-send emails via the Communihub app, but things change quickly so I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on the app! Feel free to email any questions you have about the Communihub app to our Support Team at Hope this helps!

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