Communihub Add Shared Mailbox

Is there a way to add a shared Outlook mailbox to Communihub so I can use this address as sender?

Many Thanks in advance

@dk_NFroehlich Yep! I was able to do it by creating an integration connection with my Outlook in the Integrations center (just do it with one board). You don’t have to actually create an integration recipe, you just need to set-up the connection. Then, it should show up in the Communihub. Try it out and let me know if you run into any issues!

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Thank you for the reply!

I already connected my account to monday via the CommuniHub App. When setting up an integration I can only confirm this connection or connect a different account. I confirmed the already added account for the integration.
Now when using CommuniHub I can still only send mails from the address which the outlook account is registered as.

However I have permissions to send mails from a SHARED MAILBOX. This mail-address is not the one my account is registered to. When using Outlook I have a dropdown to select the outgoing address. Either my standard one or the shared one.

I want to use this shared one for Monday as well. So the recipient can identify me and answer to this shared address.

(a shared mailbox does not have its own Outlook/Microsoft Account and can therefore not be logged in to)

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I have the same issue, I need to send from the shared inbox otherwise if people respond to personal email (that is the sender at the moment) that is not what I want (fills up my personal email inbox and my team members cannot access that).

It would be good if you could select a different sender email (the shared inbox email address is also used for logging into Monday so that should not be a problem.

if anyone has a good workaround that would be welcome too!

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I contacted support for this issue and they directed me to this admittedly legally-grey-area MS community thread

As you have only the shared mailbox connected to monday, this might actually work for you.

I have the problem that I already connected my personal email to monday and now it wont let me change it.

thank you for the info

unfortunately I do not have the power for changing email settings on the exchange side, so I guess I will have to put up with it that those mails go out under my name and no one but me has access to the answers.


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