Communihub user not able to connect

I introduced Communihub to my companys CRM. I added my own email, all good and dandy.
Since my co-worker is not very high-speed on computer-stuff, I set up his email, and “test-added” it into communihub. All good, both emails working. I Unchecked his email from the list of emails I have connected to communihub and explained him how to add his email in the hub. No success. Returned a message that one email account can only be connected by one user. Makes sense. His account is unchecked in my communihub, but still listed. Question is; how do I completely disconect his emailadress from my user, so that he can connect his email to his user?

This was solved trough support team. Thanks to Hanna.
The solution was to “fake” a gmail-integration action, where there is an option to delete accounts that is connected to a specific account.
Awesome. Back to making more issues.