Can we create a multiselect option in my custom recipe?

I am trying to build a custom app. In which I want to add a field that can give me option to select multiple value in recipe, Its should be list or checkbox that I can be able to select(ex: list can contain sunday, monday, tuesday…),

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Fully support this request

@Rajeev_msquare : I may have misunderstood your request, but isn’t it what custom field types are for?

Suppose I have created this recipe and in image you can see there is an add (field) that is single select list. I want to add a multiple select list where I can select multiple option

Hi @Rajeev_msquare,

Thanks for your suggestion. I’d like to understand your request better-- are you looking for a sublist, for example? such as a list under the “add” option?

Understood. Agree with you that it would be useful.

Hello there @Rajeev_msquare,

I have created a request to add a custom field type “checkbox” so that you not only can use the “list” field type to select one option, but select multiple ones.

Thank you for the feedback!