Change group trigger / webhook

Would love to have a webhook that fires when an item changes group. Of course (as usual) the paylaod needs to contain current and previous groupId and boardId, itemId etc.

@basdebruin I know it isn’t a Webhook, but there is a Trigger `When an item is moved to a group’ in the monday apps Framework.

It looks like it only gets the boardId and new groupId. I am not sure what other data is sent as I haven’t tested it

Hi @mitchell.hudson

Thank you for pointing that out. As I need to combine the event with change_item and add_item event the only viable solution for me is to have a webhook :slight_smile:.

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Hey @basdebruin and @mitchell.hudson

First off, thank you for pointing that out Mitchell! You’re always helpful and that’s awesome :slight_smile:

@basdebruin could you please provide further detail into how this would help you achieve your goals? I would really love to pass this on as a feature suggestion to our product team, and having more context to what you’re trying to do would really help us assess the impact this addition could potentially have for our users.


Hi Alex,

My use case is that I do calculations on a column (avg, sum, timeline etc) and report the outcome in a single cell on another board (master - detail). My app uses webhooks for column_change, but adding an item will not trigger a column change. When e.g. a form is used to populate items the change_column will never trigger. So I also use an add_item webhook. Next step is to get notified when an item is selected (unfortunately there in no delete)item webhook). A number of user are requesting to do the column calculations on a specific group only. That adds another layer of complexity as there is no trigger that fires when an item is mover to another group.

My app (master-detail) kind of replicates the column summaries but it watches any number of detailed board in one master. When I would implement group specific column calculations the average in the column summary is different then the average I show because I don’t know when an item is moved to another group.

Does that makes sense?