Change item name?


I’m looking for something in the documentation that would show me how to update the “name” of the item in a board. I don’t see this in the documentation. Could someone help or point me in the right direction?

Change item name can be done very simple by clicking on the ‘pen’ on the item and edit the name inline. Also you can edit the title when the item is opened.

Or did you mean the name of the item? This is done in the setting of the board, this is a rather new feature

Sorry, I meant to ask: is it possible to change the name of an item with the API?

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is there an answer here? I also can’t find a way to update item name, only its columns!

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I have the same problem

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I tried to write to support with a question about changing the name of item. I was sent such an answer

As for the GraphQL API, all the information you need to make a request can be found in our documentation here. If you need additional help, I’d recommend checking out one of our quickstart guides. I recently posted these on our developer community here.

So, I have link to graphqls documentation and a link to post on comunity, there is no answer to this question. This means that I still do not know how to change the name of the item.

Hi Dmitry,

I approached the technical support and received response that today it’s not possible, but it’s a good idea and will be passed on to the developers.

In general I really think the idea of name vs column values is very poorly thought out. This is supposed to be either a central identifier of an item or - its name. It’s not unique, I can create items with the same name, so it cannot be id and so - should be easily changeable. Very weird approach in my opinion.

Right now I also search for a way to find an item by its name - guess what, no way to do so! Such an underused field in the API, incredible!

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Thank you so much! To search, you can request all items of project with pagination. Yes, this is a bad solution, but its feasible. I was faced with the problem of renaming an item, it seems that my problem has no solution. I will let you know if I learn something new.

Yeah, listing 10,000 items in a CRM system I plan to use Monday for to find a single item - no feasible.
In short, I simply ignore item name - it’s not usable, and put all my data into columns. I created ID and Name columns and store client ID and their Name there, and also duplicate client id as item name - can’t leave it empty. That way I can search by client ID and can change any other column value. You use what you have :slight_smile:

Hey, I managed to do it using this solution :

Here’s my function code in python :

def change_item_name(board, item_id, new_name):
    column_data = {'name': new_name}
    query = f'''mutation($column_data: JSON!)
            {{change_multiple_column_values (
    data = {'query': query,
            'variables': {'column_data': json.dumps(column_data)}}
    return data

I got to this party after this topic was first posted. Use of column “name” in the API needs to be better documented.

Just in case anyone still needs this, the name column can be used in the API like the other columns. It can be changed AND it can be searched on. Specifically, this API query will return the “first” item with a matching name:

query { items_by_column_values (board_id: 123456789, column_id: "name", column_value: "Item 1", limit:1) {id name}}

If not specified, the limit defaults to 1. The query can return all items matching the specified name if limit is set high enough.


@JCorrell thanks for being on top of this once again. You are the Batman of the Item Name Gotham :slight_smile:

I totally hear where you are coming from here and I do want to make the API documentation better all in all, and every little bit of help counts. I will take a further look at this with the team and ask them to make a few improvements as soon as they are able to, so if you spot anything else that strikes you as lacking da escription or being somewhat vague, please let me know. I’d truly appreciate ti.