Changing the automation email format

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to change the format of the automation email?
When me and my colleagues receive an automated email (e.g. reminder of an upcoming task), the format looks a bit clumsy. We have to scroll right across and down to see the actual information. It would be great if there was a way to remove the borders etc. so we can see the message straight away from instead of having to scroll around to find it.

This is also the case with dashboard report emails, there is always a mock dashboard within the email that isn’t needed as it’s confused a few of my colleagues in the past thinking that it was our own dashboard.

I’ve searched the community and through the FAQ’s but unable to find anything to help on this subject. So any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Rebecca,
I also experience the scroll across and down problem, however the majority of my colleagues can see these notification emails just fine (no borders etc.), so I wonder if there’s an Outlook configuration change that could resolve this?
I haven’t found the solution yet, but If I work it out I’ll be sure to reply here.

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Hi @RebeccaMayne and @DanShute,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for your questions!

At this time, I am afraid it is not possible to customize the format of the automated reminder emails or our integration emails. We hear you on this however, and will certainly forward your feedback onto our team. That being said, if you’re experiencing strange behavior viewing information in your automated emails, this may potentially be a bug that our support team might need to investigate. If you’re still encountering these issues, we recommend reaching out to our support team via so they can investigate this for you.