Choose board as part of automation

We have a board that is our Master Supplier Database. This is updated by all PM’s as they use/develop suppliers etc. We have folders for each live project with various boards in, one of which is a list of active suppliers being used on that project. I want to be able to add a button column to the Master Supplier Database so that when you click it that supplier line is copied to the relevant active supplier board in the relevant project folder. To do this the user will need to be prompted to choose which project board to copy it to from the many that we have.

Is this possible?


Hey @sclankfer,

Is this along the lines of what you’re looking to achieve?

Or does the destination board change depending on which item the button is clicked?

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the board changes. I wondered if a form could be used to pop up and ask the user to choose a board. Not sure if this is possible? Cannot see how you launch forms? Can they be launched by putting the shareable link in a web address column?



Thanks for getting back to me!

Hm, I think a more efficient way around this would be to introduce a status column as a condition that then dictates the board the item is created - does this make sense?

For example,

Let me know if this could work for you! I mention this workaround as if you were to implement forms, you would need to create a form for each of those boards and I think if a simple column addition can help you achieve this within the primary board, it might be the better option, but ket me know :slight_smile: