CLI – use API token from 1password CLI instead of storing it in .mappsrc file

Could the monday code cli be enhanced to allow the configuration of a CLI command to retrieve our token, rather than storing it with the init command? This way we could store the token in a secure storage tool with a CLI, such as 1Password. Then when we run a command that needs our token, 1Password pops up and prompts us for our master password and then returns the requested token on stdout back to monday code CLI to be used in requests. Once we’ve logged in, subsequent requests will retrieve it without prompting us until the autolock timeout.

This way we’re not storing tokens insecurely.

Thanks for the suggestion @codyfrisch! Just FYI I also put in a request with the framework team directly :slight_smile:


I would add, my expectation is this is a universal thing, where we can in some configuration file, provide the command for the project to get the token from secure storage of any app which can return the token on stdout. It wouldn’t be limited to 1password.