Column that is update from another table - VLookUp

I would like to ask if there is an option to define column that is update from another table according to value in another column , like VLOOKUP in excel ?



I am looking for same solution.
Currently link & mirror can help but it’s required to match each column individually.

Thank you

Hey @1234567890 and @resquej, could you elaborate a bit on why you are looking for these solutions? How would it improve your workflow?

I wonder if a The Table Widget on a dashboard will help here, but I’d love to learn more first.


I would like to have this reference data sheet imported from a csv. Each row with a projectid.

On the other side I have a board with each row with a projectid, and I would like to import the columns from the data sheet to this board, like capacity, etc.

The link & mirrow works but i need to relate each row one by one. I would like to relate using the projectId value in both boards. Also the data sheet could be imported again with updated data.

Thank you for your support

Hi. VLOOKUP for can be done now using the VLOOKUP Auto-link app. Here is the marketplace install link Apps Marketplace

That is way too expensive!

Hi. VLOOKUP is actually free for connecting two boards Craig. For more complex use cases there is a monthly subscription.

We’ll contact you directly to see if we can help you out.

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