Combine tasks from multiple boards into one Dashboard, sort all by date?

This is something I’ve tried to find a solution to but for the life of me cannot.

I’ve combined several Task Boards on a Dashboard using the Table Widget, and want to list all the tasks from these boards in order of due date.

At the moment when I do this, each task is still grouped by their Group from each Board. This means to sort by date, I need to go to the original Task Board, and sort it there. And even then, all the tasks are still grouped together.

e.g. Pink board tasks

e.g. Red board tasks

All I’d like is a list of every task from those groups, sorted by date.

For example: Combined tasks from Pink and red on one table, sorted by date

Is there a way to remove group headings, and to sort tasks from multiple Boards by date?

You would probably need to set up a mirror column in a brand new board and then you can combine them all into one group then sort that by date. Then set up an automation to automatically create a new item each time and then connet them.

Thanks Jack! It seems just odd that this isn’t a function in place already! I really didn’t want to create new boards to specifically show on a dash, but perhaps that’s the only workaround at the moment. Much appreciated.

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The other option that may work is putting them into a timeline view in a dashboard, but then for ‘Group By’ select None which will show them all in one place at least, but not with all the detail you’re after.

I guess the other question would be if it’s exactly the same columns, why not just have them in one board and seperate by groups?

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That’s a good option!
They’re not necc the exact same columns, come from various boards, and are across multiple projects, so that’s why they’re not on the same board. And if I combined them in one board and separated by groups I’d have the same problem. I’m looking for an overview of select tasks that appear on different boards, as they would give me a birdseye view of the campaign or project that is made up of tasks that live in those boards.

Ideally, I would like to be able to choose which columns you’d show in the combined list, much like when you filter on the dashboard itself. Or you could map key columns like you do in a subitem.

Anyway, it looks like there’s a paid plugin I can use called “Combined Boards” which is looking like a good option.

Appreciate your replies!

I was looking at combined boards too. You like it? I may choose to try.