Combining Ubiqod & General Caster for stock management

Hi all!

After reading a lot of topics searching for a way to manage our stock, I couldn’t find a solution for our case. I managed to make a dashboard that does, so I like to share this. Going trough all the topics I saw some similair questions so maybe someone else can use this as well!

First a short background. I work at the Dutch company DutchFiets where we make plastic bicycles. We are using Monday now for 2 months.
There are almost 100 parts needed to make one bicycle. In order to know how much of each part is in stock, I had some kind of system in mind that allows us with one click or scan to reduce the stocklevel with 1 (or even better, the number taken directly).

With the automations from Monday itself this wasn’t possible. I first started to integrate the QR-codes from Ubiqod. Thanks to the help I got from @jeromeskiply from Skiply this was set up quickly. The situation I faced then, was that when I scanned the QR-code, it wasn’t possible to see the current stock (so I could easily reduce that number with the quantity taken).

After some more searching and thinking I integrated General Caster. Resulting in using a few integrations on the dashboard that are showed here.

This is the dashboard itself. It is a trial version but it works! ‘Kolom 1’ and ‘Hulpkolom’ are made to make the formula and to cut the loop in the formula.
‘Activatienummer’ Is the column that uploads the number via the QR-code.
‘Voorraad’ is the current stocklevel. (it is the same as the first 2 columns but I haven’t found another way yet).

Then I have these 4 integrations. The 2 from Ubiqod are just the standard integrations. The 2 from General Caster look like this:

The number that I send through the QR-code will go to the ‘activatienummer’ where it makes the sum of ‘kolom 1’ minus ‘activatienummer’, showing the result in column ‘voorraad’
The second integration gives then the current stocklevel to ‘kolom 1’ for the next time parts will be used.

At last I used an automation from Monday that sets the number from ‘activatienummer’ back to 0.

I think there will be better systems to do this, but we are not such a big company and we really like to have everything centered on Monday.

Let me know what you think and if there are ways to improve this! After all I’m not really an expert and just tinkering around :wink:

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Hi @LucOever :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks so much for sharing this with the Community, and for including the level of detail and screenshots that you have - it’s really inspiring to see!

It’s always exciting to see how our users are utilising the platform to it’s fullest, and how you’ve been able to integrate different apps into the platform to customise it to your exact needs is great!

I’m sure this will be useful for many other teams using, and please do feel free to share any other workflows you’re using with the Community - we love to see it :partying_face: