Commas and points in numbers columns

In “number” columns, when we use it for currency, sometimes the system accepts cents with a point, other times with a comma. They could standardize or allow the choice of format.

Na coluna de números, quando a usamos para moeda, algumas vezes o sistema aceita os centavos com ponto, outras com vírgula. Poderiam padronizar ou possibilitar a escolha do formato.

Same thing here in Mexico, we use dot, not commas for cents and I’ve been struggling with this in most boards. HELP MONDAY PLS!!! Where can we configure this format issue?

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Almost a year without a response from devs, hope someday the feature that allows the choice of format exists.
Update, a year ago they started working on it, but i think a user just found a workaround Number column: Add options for decimal places and number formats and i havent read about an update.