Numbers Input/View Format per User Thousands, Decimal Separators

The main problem is that in a lot of places in Europe we use dot (.) to separate thousands and comma (,) to separate decimals. I am reviving it with the hope to a solution.
Mainly on Monday, users are required to input their numbers in the 10,000.00 format only.
This should be an option to each user profile as to how they want to input and view numbers so that way a user can login from any computer or app and work with numbers perfectly fine without frustration.
Also for currency it fairly obvious that it should use 2 decimals even if it is zero at the end. Like “17,50” instead “17,5”.

Currently the only workaround which honestly is so limiting, is to use Microsoft Edge Chromium browser and force your regional settings always. That works for Monday for numbers input and view but also brakes all other websites by forcing a regional and therefore depending on the website it can redirect you to that language you don’t want etc.

So by enabling this option in the user profile and implementing like the date format , users can be happy no matter the browser or the app, device or country.

This is possibly a very easy fix which i don’t get why hasn’t been implemented yet as it is a core problem for many users.

Hey @taspan,

Thanks for your feature request. We hear where you’re coming from here, and are happy to relay this directly to the relevant team.

That said, in order to put greater emphasis on this need, we have merged your request into the existing request, which we can see you have commented on too :pray:

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Thank you @BiancaT though this kind of funcionality is not a feature. I just suggested a way that it could be a setting like the date format. This is basic and would help thousands that get frustrated every day having to change their way of input. Since there is a currency column it should be able to allow for input with comma for decimals and obviously show 2 decimals even if it is 0. Like 17.50 instead of 17.5.

Thanks again.