CommuniHub Activity Board? How do people use it?

Adding CommuniHub (or maybe adding my first Event there?) created an Activities board.

(I can’t recall the exact original name. I archived the board, hoping to provoke its re-creation, but instead I got an error when I tried to add a meeting, so I restored it. I’m new to Monday, and not aware of an activity log at the board level.)

This board seems to track events, but not emails? And not link back to the originating pulse (which maybe is hard because of the way that CommuniHub seems to associate inclusively across mirrored fields)?

I’m interpreting this hopefully as a stub for a more thorough central collaborative inbox type thing (call it…CommuniHub?), which would be so amazingly useful for my project. So this post is partly me thirsting a bit, hoping for more signs of hope.

But maybe I’m just misunderstanding the feature as it exists?

---- edit ----

Just tried setting up my first Calendar dashboard and now see the value in having upcoming meeting times made accessible in the Activity board.

Hi @ivan.d

The Activities board is created automatically whenever you create your first event within one of your contacts Communihub page.
The Activities board is there to act as a schedule for your team, so that you can see what events you have coming up in one quick glance.

If you’d like to see a history of all of your correspondence via email, combined with all of the events (providing they’ve been created via the Communihub view by clicking ‘new event’), you can do this directly within the Communihub view in your Contacts board.

Whenever you select the updates panel for one of your Contacts you should see a timeline within the Communihub view.
This is divided into past and upcoming events, which also exist on your Activities board, combined with all email correspondence.



Thanks Dani, that’s a helpful explanation, and the Activities board seems helpful for meetings. A similarly global view of email exchanges would be lovely.

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