Conditions that take away from the form (not just adding a new question), visual options, naming conventions, PDFs, confirmations, FormSite integration

• Button options
• Naming convention for the form that populates to the board/group that counts and keeps track of each form used (unique ID populates from the form)

I have an art request form that I would like to start with 4 buttons. If it’s a brand new request then all the questions will stay on the form, if it’s an annual (recurring) request which only needs the content updated these will have less questions on the form. And so on from there. The only automations I see are for the boards/groups.

I like to have these requests approved by the head of the dept with a signature. Right now it seems like only the person filling out the form can sign. If there is a condition or automation that can be added to forward the request to be approved then once approved it populates the boards/groups.
And then the original person that filled out the form receives a PDF confirmation that it was approved and received.

I currently use FormSite and have everything setup like that, but I have to pay for a 3rd party app to integrate with