Looking for more efficient forms

I am looking for some type of solution for our team who have to submit a large number of forms every shift, all with information about the service they provided at their different work sites.
The webforms they used before we implemented Monday.com, had a list of sites that they could put in order, and then fill out the information for each site (things like, duration, machine(s) used, product(s) used, start and end times, etc), and carry on to the next one.
Now, they have to select from a drop down (it’s a large list of sites), and then carry on to the next one. There is a LOT of room for error if they accidentally select the same site for two forms. The time doesn’t start from where the last one stopped. So there is a lot of overlap to try to fix.

Wondering if anyone has any creative solutions to get some more efficency, as our team is finding it frustrating and less efficient now that we’ve moved over to Monday forms.

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Hi there,
I am also experiencing a similar problem regarding the limit variation of efficient forms
idiom. It seems that there might be a glitch or an issue with the functionality as well, as I am unable to navigate through the efficient forms seamlessly.

Thanks :pray:

Hey @carlylaine

Thanks for reaching out to the community! Moving to monday.com Forms is a commendable decision! You can create and use custom forms to gather, track, and analyze service information while automatically syncing with your existing boards and workflows. Similarly, you can set up automatic actions to route requests to the right people, notify team members for final approval, or to clients when their projects are done. This way, you can reduce errors and data duplication.

If you’re looking to build personalized forms and drive efficiency, teaming up with monday.com consultants is the right choice. They can give employees in your company accessible forms for recording all order requests.

Hi @carlylaine & @lilly :wave:

We’ve recently wrapped up delivering a solution for a client in a very similar situation to yours. I’d love to discuss your requirements with you and see if we can help to forge a path forwards for you.

Please use this link to schedule in a time we can chat together.

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Hi Peta, when I click that link, it doesn’t take me to somewhere I can schedule a chat, it takes me to a different topic. Could you try sending again?

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Sorry @carlylaine !!

Please use this link to schedule.

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