Connected Boards show automatically in some boards and do not show in others


Our workflow looks like this:
We have a “master” board, in which we add all items we need to do for our client.
We then have several other boards, that are only relevant to some members of our team, for example we have a “PRINT” board, a “SOCIAL” board, a “WEB” board and where we collect things related to this board from all our clients.
I’ve integrated mirrored columns, so that when our Print team updates a deadline or some production data, that it is reflected in the main board as well and vice versa.

My automation from the main board is the following:

and I have this automation for all the other boards.
When the item is created in the Print or Web boards all the mirrored are shown automatically, but in the Social board they are not shown and I have to manually connect the item in the “connect-board” column, before it shows all the mirrored columns.
Why is this like that and why is it only in one board? I did the same steps in all of them.

Thank you1

Hey Jasmin,

Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues.

It sounds a little strange given that you’re following the same steps for the Social board and running into an issue… Are you able to share the recipe with me so I can take a look? Can you also confirm if you’re connecting to both boards or one board in particular?

Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 2.05.06 pm