Connecting Contacts/Accounts/Deals on import

Trying to migrate from FreshSales and I have all my data, but I’m having trouble importing into Monday Sales CRM. I have separate imports for Accounts, Contacts, Deals but I need to get them connected without doing this manually. We have too much data for that and it seems like there has to be some way of connecting them since I don’t seem to be able to import into certain fields. Thanks in advance,

Hi There!

Yes there is and I just did this for a client.

The imports structure needs to be connected first. Then you can use the MATCH automations to connect the records based on company names and emails as necessary.

The automations take some time to run but you need the trigger to be When Item is Created.

That way the match automation looks for the matches upon import.

If you want assistance setting up just get in contact with us!

Looking forward to partnering!

Mike B
Automation Architect