Connecting multiple items to an item - CRM issue

I’m experiencing an issue with the Monday sales CRM. In our company, each account has multiple contacts associated with it. The accounts are displayed on one board, while the contacts are on another. When an opportunity arises with an existing client, we would like all the contacts associated with that account to be automatically reflected in the item card of the opportunity on the opportunities board.

I attempted to use the “connected board” widget to achieve this, while mirroring the connected clients in the accounts board, but it doesn’t work because it is a mirrored column. As a result, I will need to manually connect each contact to the new opportunity. Even if I could trigger this on the contacts board so that they connect separately to the opportunity, the automation feature “when column changes, connect the item where this column matches another column, etc.” only connects to a single item. This approach won’t work if we have multiple opportunities within a client.

Do any of you have any ideas on how I can automatically connect all the contacts to new opportunities related to an existing client? If there are any suggestions using Make or any other app, I would appreciate hearing them.

Thank you!

If you link the Opp with the Clients’ board (Connect boards) and with the contacts column in the Clients’ board (Mirror) you should have all contacts of the client in the Opp board.
Works this way?

This the current situation and sadly doesn’t solve the issue. This allows me to mirror the contacts linked to the clients board on the opp board, but I can’t pull the info into the item’s card using the connected board widget (just shows a blank screen), and the E&A app dosn’t know to pull these emails into it and sync with our sales rep’s emails

I’m having this similar issue. hoping I can find some help.

Once an item moves from leads to qualified leads (triggered by a status update) - I am having trouble figuring out a way to connect any other contact in the leads board that has the same company/account? I would like to do two things - Identify the same company and then move them to contacts and connect the contacts to the same company.

I solved this using and createing an automation that scans all the boards with the account and connects to them.
I think you can solve your request by having a connect boards use the match automation to search and see if there is already an existing account. If it connects, then have another automation trigger the match automation from the contacts board. once triggered from there it’ll connect to the same account

thank you Eli, i think that will solve. can you tell me the formula you used to do this? i am researching now and it seems that it can scan every 15 minutes if theres a match value in a specific column, but want to explore that formula further. any help would be great!

I would create some sort of trigger, istead of scaning every 15 min, The you need to agrigate the item id’s into a text aggrigator. You can see how to do that here
Feel free to DM me if you run into any issues, Good luck1