Content planning for websites - solution

Just want to share a nice little use case story. My customer operates one of the largest websites in The Netherlands (besides owning a few TV stations and titles like “The Voice of …” and “Big Brother”).

They turned to to have a good overview of which content needs to be added to the site(s) by when. They have different groups in the content planning board like “today”, “tomorrow”, “this week”, “next week” and so on.

The app " Date Controlled Groups " (soon available on the marketplace) is scheduled to run every night and goes through all items to calculate the hours/day between the scheduled event time and the due date. Based on this information all items are always available in the correct groups at the start of the working day.

Combined with the standard monday automation to move an item to another board when it is added to a group the solution moves “past” items to an “archive” board.

Another standard monday automation checks the due date and a status. If the status is “Recurring weekly / monthly” the item is duplicated and the date is pushed forward a week / month.

The combination of the Date Controlled Groups app and the two standard automations makes this solution very cool for content planners.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. If you want to give it a try yourself, use the “Try me” link on this page:


Hello bas, this does sound quite nice. I can see how I could use something like this. Let us know when the app is available on the app store. Thank you.

Hi @Guillaume1

The app is available on the marketplace, see Apps Marketplace