Conversations not moving with a status change

HI I am hoping someone can help please, we use the main board and subitems on most jobs which are updated by the relevant parties.

Once the job is completed it the status change moves it to another board for a second depart to deal with, but the conversations does not move with it.

I have found that if a duplicate the board and move it, it does move the conversation to the second department but then it does not leave the conversation on the original board that still needs to be viewed.

Any help to this issue would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @RobB :wave:

I think I understand what you’re saying, and if so, it’s a case of one or the other.
When we use boards together and shift/create items via automation, this is something to be watchful of for that very reason.

If we use a 'when trigger is set, move item to new board (and connect boards if desired), this will indeed move the item, and should take the conversation/updates with it. This would then leave the main board without the item and without the associated updates.

If we use a 'when trigger is set, create item in board (and connect boards if desired), this will leave the original item and associated conversation/updates on the board, and create a new item in your selected board, but that means no conversation carry over.

I hope this makes sense - do let me know if you have further questions or wanted to connect for a chat to discuss. That might be easier :slight_smile:

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Hello @RobB ,

Welcome to the monday community!

It is exactly as @peta wrote, new items, even if they are based and have information from pre-existing items , do not carry over the conversations/updates.

So you would need to take that into account while setting up your workflow.

I can also suggest the Conversations App, which essentially carries over the conversations to new items as well.

Let me know if you need any additional help!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Hi Peta,

Many thanks for the response, and yes this is what I thought.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Hi Giannis,

Thanks or the response and an alternative solution I will look at this as see if it is an option we can work with.


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