Copy an update from an item in one board into another using make

We have two separate boards (portfolio tracker then live project masterlist). The items in the masterlist board have the exact same name as those in the portfolio tracker. I would like to copy over the updates for the task (not a column) and add it into the item when created in the second board using make. I can find the update, but cant seem to work out how to then use the Item name to find the correct item to update in the second board.

Hello @James_Eadie :wave: !

Unfortunately, when creating a new item, even if it is based on a pre-existing one, it is not possible to “copy” the updates with some automation.

However, what you are describing sounds like a good use case for the Conversations App , which would allow you to see updates for connected items.

Otherwise, you would have to create custom integrations with to achieve what you are looking for.

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Not an expert here, learning as you are.

I would think you could do this in Make with a Watch Events trigger module → Search for Item (on 2nd board) (by item name - please check if that’s is case sensitive) → Get item on new board → Create an Update (use the ID you get from the Get Item module to identify the item on the 2nd board).

The exact filters and search queries are up to you and your specifications.

This would work for new updates.

Again, another Make student here :slight_smile: not an expert.

Thanks! Exactly my thoughts too. I cant seem to find the item in the new board, it keeps on giving an error:

This is the chain from a high level, am I using the wrong module? The ID seems to be the issue, I am selecting this from the list of items provided by the previous module. I understand in theory what to do, its just the execution!

In the module with the error you’ve set to get the ID but instead of using the ID you’ve put in the Name. IDs are always numerical.

Example: image

I would suggest to add a search item module between the 2, in the search module select the 2nd board, search the name column and add the item’s name that you’re looking for there.

This search module will bring up the ID on the 2nd board (if it finds any) that you can use in your last Get an item board.

Of course! Seems such a simple error now that you raise it. It works - thank you mate.

Is there a reference document or site you could recommend where ‘rules’ like this are listed? I cant seem to find any dummy’s guide to look at.

Good luck with that :crossed_fingers: , all I’ve learned about and is from troubleshooting, intensive testing, @JCorrell 's youtube channel (and others) and this community. While YouTube doesn’t have in depth videos for particular issues you may have, it’s still a good start.

Het mate - last question for you. Is there a way to identify the right item within a board without knowing the item ID? I basically want to copy the url link for a new project board created into the master portfolio board. I just cant seem to map the right modules to allow me to find the new board ID, but then find the right item in the portfolio board by name - the new project board has the same name as the item in the portfolio. Any ideas?

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Hello James Eadie,

Have you found a solution to your need? I’m in the same situation and seeking a solution. Could you please share what you’ve done, if possible?

Thank you!