Copy Column and Paste in a different Board

Looks like they’ve broken this now as part of the paywalling. (Tried it on both web and Windows app)

I would love the ability to copy a column to another board.

Use case:
We set up a default status column that works for most of our boards. We also set up templates that we can use for specific cases. However, sometimes we have a board that we are working on and would like to copy over specific functionality to a similar board so we do not have to redo the work. An example of this would be a column with drop-down menu items or a status column with many options and specific colors.

This could be as simple as a menu option when clicking into the column menu → Copy to Board.

I’ve tried dragging the column to another board and it actually appears to accept it, but then when you visit the target board it is not there.



Hi @rick

Totally hear you! This might be on their list to add. posted it a while back.

Yikes, sorry for the repost! I’ll delete this. Thanks!

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I agree, this would save us from a lot of rework in that we could reuse Status & Dropdown lists across our boards rather than recreating

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Hi Everyone! I see that this request is almost a year old. Has anything like this been added? Has anyone figured out a good workaround? Thanks in advance!

Good news, bad news.

The good news: There are now Column Templates available, which are freakin’ awesome.

I’m not sure if it’s even a documented feature, but I found that when I declare a column to be a template, any changes to it (like adding another status) automagically show up on all the other boards using that column template.

The bad news? Column Templates are an Enterprise feature.

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Yep. Pro plans miss out. :rage:

Only Enterprise? Because only people in an enterprise would appreciate this helpful, time-saving functionality?


Goosing this. Request was back in 2019, can we PLEASE get this feature? Especially when creating a robust Status or Dropdown menu, it is a colossal pain to recreate. Just let us “Copy to Another Board” or drag & drop. It can’t possibly be that much of a development lift.

Hello :slight_smile:
You can now copy to another board using the Duplicates and Uniques app. I have already written an answer here on how to do that and can find more info about the app here. We hope you give the app a try and should you have any question, you can reach out at

Thank you.

Hi @kolaai,

Will the column copy feature also copy the column ID?
In our case we use to automate some operations and it would obvisously be easier if the same columns have the same IDs across boards.

Hello @vibusd,
The copy feature doesn’t copy the column ids. Column ids are automatically generated by

Thank you for quick reply :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

You can now copy and paste columns across boards using the Toolkit app.

Just select which columns you would like to copy over to the other board and paste. It’s that simple :sunglasses:

Here is a community post which further describes the app

If you need any help with the app, you can always reach out at

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’ve discussed your request with the development team and they understand why this feature is important to you. As of now, this feature is not in our upcoming roadmap, but we are planning on adding the ability to use keyboard shortcuts within the same board.

If you want to create a column in bulk on a different board or duplicate columns and values if it’s within the same board, we recommend the export/import functionality.

Every quarter, we need to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize building new features, improving old ones, and ensuring overall platform quality. Requests like yours help guide us in prioritizing the features that our customers care about most, so keep the ideas coming because your feedback makes a difference.

Have another idea? Submit it here.

Also hoping to push this one up the list again. I was just working in an organisation who was lucky enought to have two separate teams approved to use, meaning the enterprise version (and templates) was available.

Now I’m contracting in to a new space, building the same IP, but because they only have 8 users, I’m having to manually copy the columns across. It seems like an odd feature to restrict to enterprises, when smaller companies have less time/employees?

Great work on allowing the copy between items and sub-items though, this is great!

Hey Alex (@alejencia),

there is a nice new App out there, that is doing exactly what you are searching for:

  • Copy Column - easily transfer configurations from one board to others, ensuring a uniform layout across your workspace. Batch Hero supports all column types available on, providing you with a cohesive setup without the hassle of manual replication.

Besides that, you will have also other actions like Add column or Delete column through multiple boards.

Maybe worth it, to take an eye on. I think it will definitely help you with your initial problem mentioned here.

I hope it helps!




Think I may have found a partial workaround for standard plans: moving a group from one group to another. When you do this, Monday identifies columns that don’t exist and gives you the option to create it on the board you are moving the group to. Doesn’t keep things in sync as I’d like and doesn’t work for making changes to existing columns.

Now going to have a look at the app above!

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Hi community,

While we are not able to work on this feature at the moment, I wanted to offer another solution. You are able to copy and past a column in another board by using the copy master app from the monday app marketplace.