Copy Column and Paste in a different Board

Just want to leave my voice. I have now created a dropdown with 101 items. Would be grand (and logical) that I don’t have to do that for every board… Ridiculous that this is behind the enterprise.


I agree that this feature should be available in the Pro plan. However I am equally or even more disappointed that there has been no response from anyone at One would assume that is because they do not have any justification for this.


I am sad.

This feature should be available to pro users.


Very disappointing indeed.

My relationship with Monday is like the kind where I’ve simply invested too much time on the tool and my team has too that we can’t easily back out now and start over with a new tool and new headaches.

This one feature has wasted hours of my time bouncing back and form trying to match colors and texts on different boards for consistency and just falling sure. Very ridiculous way to squeeze your clients to upgrade. Or perhaps it is indeed an oversight but I have my doubts.


Very frustrating that this feature is locked unless on Enterprise. Having set up various status columns it’s very annoying not to be able to use them across different boards.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: , this is Alfred from Kolaai.

All the issues mentioned here can now be achieved using the Duplicates and Uniques app.
I have put together a fairly comprehensive demo video that explains how to achieve the needed results using the app, though I would like to add that, the app can achieve way more than what is shown in the video. The video only concentrates on using the app to copy items between groups (without adding the ‘copy’ word), between boards, saving and using column templates, excluding some columns or column values when copying, etc.

The app can be found in the marketplace here and here is a community post that further describes more of the features of the app.

The demo video can be found here.

Column templates video here

Hope you find the app useful. Should you have any question, you can always contact at

Thank you.

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Indeed frustrating! This basic feature should be available even for standard subscription users.


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Can Pro users access this copy and paste column feature yet? Has anyone found a workaround? I feel like copying data manually from one column to another is an absolute waste of time. Using Monday was meant to streamline our workflow but constantly hitting snags on simple functions like this is frustrating. Can we expect this issue to be resolved? When will Pro users be able to save their columns as templates? How can Pro users copy data from one column to another on the same board?


true … if they keep some basic features only for enterprise then , there is no fun in


Can this work with subitems? I’m struggling to duplicate 15 columns we have in a client project to the other 25 clients projects without having to add them all manually

Unfortunately, at the moment, the app doesn’t support subitems

Quick-ish Work Around
If you are looking to copy a dropdown menu with its labels from one board to another (note: this will not copy the current item statuses, this is for copying the labels only).

  • Begin by making a new Group on the board that has the dropdown menu labels you want.
  • Create one new item.
  • Go to the dropdown you want labels from.
  • Ctrl + click the items, on PC the menu will stay open and you can click on the labels quickly.
  • You should have one item with all the labels in it now.
  • Then make sure you have another board ready with a dropdown menu to transfer this Group to.
  • When your board is ready move the new Group you made to this new board.
  • Whatever labels are in the item you moved will now be added to the new board.
  • You could do this for several dropdown columns at once.
  • This will not copy over your old items though unless you select all the groups, duplicate them with updates and then move them to the board (hassle, but faster than manually entering them).

Hope this helps someone.

Pretty much an essential feature that’s locked behind their highest pay wall.

This program is some hot useless garbage

We’re on Pro subscription, the level below Enterprise and we see this:

Absolutely ridiculous limitation.


I’m not monday, don’t blame me for missing functionality :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

You can now copy and paste columns across boards using the Toolkit app.

Just select which columns you would like to copy over to the other board and paste. It’s that simple :sunglasses:

Here is a community post which further describes the app

If you need any help with the app, you can always reach out at

It is an excellent idea, could even include an automated process, as there is no way to copy the mirror data column automatically to another board, as it does not recognise the values.

Looks like they’ve broken this now as part of the paywalling. (Tried it on both web and Windows app)

I would love the ability to copy a column to another board.

Use case:
We set up a default status column that works for most of our boards. We also set up templates that we can use for specific cases. However, sometimes we have a board that we are working on and would like to copy over specific functionality to a similar board so we do not have to redo the work. An example of this would be a column with drop-down menu items or a status column with many options and specific colors.

This could be as simple as a menu option when clicking into the column menu → Copy to Board.

I’ve tried dragging the column to another board and it actually appears to accept it, but then when you visit the target board it is not there.



Hi @rick

Totally hear you! This might be on their list to add. posted it a while back.