Copy or Duplicate Tag (#) Columns - data from one to another

We are using # Tags format columns to list multiple pieces of data for a given Item:
(Three columns with data below :grin: )
Client #Tags1 #Tags2
Blo, Joe #dog #cat #turtle [want to copy #Tags1)

In each Tags column we need to have anywhere between zero and eight items/Tags. Otherwise we would have used a Status column. In the past we also had an option of using a Labels column (at least in subitems), but it is no longer an option. We could then filter by Label.



AND we could copy the set of Labels from one (sub)item to another…

Options? Work arounds? Help?

I had a similar stupid question. I was trying to just copy and paste the set of multiple labels from one item in a group to another, in the same column. CTRL+C/V wasn’t working and it was driving me nuts. I also was trying to paste from a spreadsheet into the labels column of an item and that wasn’t working.

I don’t know if this helps your situation but if you right click on the label cell you can “copy cell contents” then right click on the other cell and “paste”