Copy Subtasks to another group

Is there an easier way to “copy” subtasks over to another board or group? Right now, there’s the option to “move to”, but this removes the subtasks from the current group.

I can “duplicate” but it duplicates in the current group and also includes “(copy)” beside the main subtasks. So with this, I have to duplicate, remove the additional text from each one, and then “move” to another group.

There has to be a better way? Thank you

Hey Emily!

At this stage, you would need to duplicate and move those subitems in order for the original subitems to stay fixed to the original group. I understand that the ‘copy’ text isn’t ideal and encourage you to add your vote to the existing feature request to remove this here :pray:

I have also come across an older thread where @JCorrell was able to solve this using Integromat - Item Copy function - removing the added " (copy)" - #5 by jenstratton. I recognise using a third party tool isn’t the most ideal way forward, but we hope this can help in the meantime.

Hi @emillllllly ,

You can easily copy subtasks over to another board or group and get the exact result you want using Make.

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