Countdown of time based on date and number columns

Hello! I am looking for a solution to countdown the amount of time off someone still has based on a date and starting value. I have one column that has a date (start of time off), another column that has amount of time off available in work days (approved days available to take off) and based on that I would like another column that tells me how many days of time off they have left in the approved amount. It’s not a subtract days formula so I am not sure how to approach this one.

@cfrancis-scofield usually you need 2 boards for time off calculator.
Board 1 will hold the time off allowance for that person.
Board 2 will hold rows for each time off taken. (either a date or a timeline column for multiple days off)

Use a 2 way connect board column on Board 2
Add an automation on board 2: “When Item Created in this board connect boards where ‘person’ matches ‘person’ in Board 1”

This will match any vacation requests to the person / time-off allowance on board 1 and then you can use a formula on Board 1 to track the count of connect boards against their time-off allowance.

(You can also set a ‘clear column’ automation to clear the connect board column at the end of the year to reset the connections.)

This isn’t what I am looking for. I am making a board that tracks LOA specific topics, not actual time off. I have start of LOA, LOA approved time, and I want an LOA approved time left column.

@cfrancis-scofield try this formula

ROUND({Days Approved Off}-WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Start Date}),0)

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 2.12.26 PM

I got an error on this but I switched it to the below formula and it worked. Thank you!

MINUS({Total Days Requested},(WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Leave Start Date})))

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