Counter option


Looking for a counter to be added to the columns so that we can track meeting numbers and or site visits for a project.

We would like it to be structured so that you can set an upper limit of visits and update the counter or link it to the calendar, currently there does not appear to be the option.

When visits are updated the counter will change from 0/5 red to 5/5 green (when complete).



If all the attendees are users, a Vote column could be (partially) useful. Not sure if it can be used in automations, and the tally doesn’t seem to work with conditional formatting, which seems silly.


  1. Create a button to increment a number column by 1 upon each click
  2. Set the conditional formatting to turn it green at 5
  3. Create an automation so that when it reaches 6 it will record that it’s reached 5 ([if you want to keep track, that is] by creating an update, notifying someone, adding 5 to a separate total numbers column, etc), then clear the column and add 1. (You wouldn’t do 5 and 0 because then it would just disappear as soon as it reaches 5 and would never get to be coloured green).

You can add a Numbers widget to your calendar view and filter is as necessary - I’m not sure what you’re looking for there, so I’m not sure whether that would do what you want it to.