Counting dropdown choices

I have a dropdown column that is populated via Forms.
It has various expense payment options employees can request.
For example if they work nightshift they can select “Night bonus” in the Forms.
This allows for them to select multiple options for one day at the same time e.g. “Night bonus” & “Daily bonus”.

I want to be able to count in a separate column how many employees have requested each type of bonus. I have formula columns for each bonus option where the current formula is:
IF({Bonus claims}=“Night bonus”,1,0)
Where i want to count another bonus type i have simply replaced the “Night bonus” with another option from the dropdown column, e.g:
IF({Bonus claims}=“Daily bonus”,1,0)

However this only works when ONE dropdown option is selected:
If only “Daily bonus” is selected the “Daily bonus” column=1 “Night bonus” column=0
If only “Night bonus” is selected the “Daily bonus” column=0 “Night bonus” column=1

This formula seems to break down when multiple options have been selected in the dropdown column.
If BOTH “Night bonus”, “Daily bonus” selected the “Daily bonus” column=0 “Night bonus” column=0

I want a way for the formula in each column to Count the number of a specific bonus type (e.g. Daily bonus) whilst other bonus options exist alongside it.