Counting Number of Active Projects Per Project Lead

Hi there, I’m looking for help figuring out a formula for a column that will count the number of active projects per a project lead that are due within the next 7 days. So something that follows this logic:

IF the PROJECT LEAD is “Amanda”
THEN count Amanda’s project’s with STATUSES of “In Prep”, “In Production”, “In Post Production” that have a FINAL DELIVERY DATE within the next 7 days.

Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hi @mmindling - I think a Chart Dashboard view on the board is the best approach. Formula columns are based on the row and will not combine across a group/board/etc.

X-axis: Project Lead
Y-axis: Count
Stack by: Status

Set a filter for the needed statuses and with the delivery date “this week”.

That should give you what you need.

Thank you, the more I thought about the more I realized a dashboard makes sense as well. Appreciate the help!