Create a Form to do an Inventory Audit/Count

We operate short term rentals and want to be able to perform a count every month as to what should be in a property. For example, we use our primary board for what we have on hand and or ordered at our offices. We then create Orders to deploy/assign these items to specific properties. Every month, we want to perform an audit and see what is still at the property and note any discrepancies (I.e. things getting broken or stolen). I was hoping to do this via form and with this workflow below, though open to any suggestions:

  1. User enters each quantity of items at property (prefer via form)
  2. Based on previous ‘orders’ totals, any quantity discrepancies are highlighted/auto calculated/notification/status change/etc. automatically and without users manually calculating differences

Appreciate all of your help!

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Hey @turnkey24,

I like the idea of using a form to log items across each property. If the items are consistent across properties, you should only need to set up one universal form that will log each properties item quantities into the one board. You could also break up the properties into groups, and have the information from each property populate the specific group (this can be set up when building the form).

Alternatively, you could set up a board per property (i.e. form per property) to better manage items across different properties - this would be the best option if items are different across properties.

Once you have the property form/s (/boards) set up, you can connect the boards to that primary board where you log what’s on hand at your office. Similar to the way it’s set up in this inventory tracking template, you can then calculate quantity discrepancies by mirroring the numbers column (or whatever column you’re using to log item count) into the property boards or primary board (vice/versa) and inputting them into a formula column to calculate what’s available in the inventory to distribute to properties with broken/stolen items.

Hopefully this makes some sense - let me know :pray: