Inventory: How to modify quantities with automations

Is there a way to update quantities on a inventory group from a form and a status change?
I have the request form and the inventory created with unique part numbers.
Process map:

  1. Person makes a request for items to be pulled from inventory via the request form.
  2. Inventory manager receives the request and pulls the inventory.
  3. Inventory manager changes the status of the request to “Done”
    At this point I would like an automation to find the item in the inventory and reduce the quantities on hand by the amount on the request form.

Is this currently possible?

Thank you,

Hey Mark,

Is it possible for you to provide a snapshot of your current setup - i.e. the relevant columns in your board? Additionally, to confirm, are you working with 2 seperate boards? An inventory board and the board attached to the request form? Look forward to hearing from you!

Here is my request board: I can migrate to all one board if needed.

Here is the inventory board:

Thanks for sharing Mark!

I am interested if you could try the following?

Set up a formula column in your inventory board and input the stock quantity into the formula. From there, you can mirror the quantity requested column into your inventory board. Once mirrored, you can subtract the requested amount from the total stock quantity in that formula column. Not only will this give you an indication if there is stock (for the requestor) based on the amount requested, because the column mirrors back into the inventory board, it will auto-update the total amount of stock left based on the request - does this make sense? :pray:

How can I add the formula column to the form? As the part number is entered, you stated the quantity will update, how does this work?

Hello @mjdowdmi,
If the value comes in as a negative value, you can use the merge functionality of the Duplicates and Uniques app.
Here is a demo of how the merge functionality works

When setting up the merge template, for the Quantities column, your settings will look like this:

This way, when an item comes in, the app will search by the unique part number and update that item.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey Mark,

Apologies - that wasn’t very clear and I’d also like to change my approach here.

My idea here is to set up a formula column in the inventory board. From there, you can mirror the quantity requested column from your inventory request board, into the inventory board, and subtract this amount from the total stock amount in the formula column to obtain that updated stock level amount…

Check out the short demonstration here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

That worked, but if I have multiple requests for the same part type this will not correctly work.
Say I have 3 separate requests for Dell’s. When I update the inventory request, you can only select one request at a time and only that request will be subtracted from the current inventory. Any work arounds this?
Check out my video of what I am talking about:

Video of issue

Hi Mark,

I have built a inventoy solution using you can see a basic demo here.

I can fully customize it to fit your needs.

Feel free to DM me to discuss this further.