Create a subitem by automatically moving new item with matching column to different group.

I have a feedback form set up that populates a board when it arrives. I send this feedback request to my participants once each month. Each participant has a unique Identification number that is represented in a column in the group that is populated on that board when it arrives. So, after the first round of feedback forms, each participant is now an item. I moved each of these to another group on that board once I review the feedback.

When the next month’s form arrives and it contains a certain ID #, I want that Item in the arrival group to become a subitem under that participant’s item (ID #) in the reviewed group automatically. I figured out how to do it manually but I have 100 participants each month.

Can I set up an automation to move a new item received via a form to become I subitem by matching the value of a column?

Hey Debra,

I am afraid at this time it isn’t natively possible to automatically convert an item into a subitem… this still remains a manual process. Whilst you can set up an automation to create a subitem when the item is moved to the specific group, you’d need to customise the subitem in each automation recipe, as it won’t automatically match the parent items values - if this makes sense? I apologise for the setback :pray: