Create a subitem under another item from another board based on a label

Hi All, looking to see how to tie initiatives up to OKRs.

Basically I have two boards. One board for Objectives that lists out our objects grouped by Quarter. Example: item 1: Increase leads by 40. item 2: Host 10 events. The second board lists all of the marketing campaigns. For the items, one of the columns (label type) is used to select the objective, and another column(status) is to select quarter. The automation I want to setup is if Board 2, has a campaign that object is Increase leads by 40 and is in Q2 add a subitem to Board 1 group 2 under the Increase Leads by 40 item. From here I want to have a progress bar that tracks the status of the OKR. Any ideas if this is possible, or what work arounds you use?

Hi @justine1 - this is something that would need to be scripted outside on monday. Have you looked into This gives you much more granule control over these types of processes.