Create an automation with an If statement in it

I need to create an automation that allows for an ‘IF’ statement. The automation is needing to do the following:

  • When the end user is entering a new item, IF a column is ‘NULL’ then I want the automation to send the user creating the item to update the specified column(s) that are NULL.

I cannot see any way to do this

Hey Sharon!

Whilst we support the inclusion of the IF function in our custom automations, I am afraid this particular automation isn’t currently supported natively. This recipe is one that you might be able to set up using our API or an external app such as Integromat and/or Zapier. We encourage you to have a scan through our dev community here: monday Apps & Developers - monday Community Forum :pray:

Hi @sharonmartinko ,
This can be done easily by Make. You can set up the automation in Make to check if a specific column is ‘NULL’ when a new item is created.

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