Create item on new board using subitem data

Hello all, and as always, thanks in advance for everyone’s help and advice. Let me just explain the situation and see if anyone might have a viable solution as all the different solutions I’ve tried thus far haven’t completely worked. We are a furniture manufacturing company and we currently have 8 boards, 1 for each sales rep. Each board is a project board. The project name is the customers name and then we have subitems that list each of the different pieces the customer purchased. The main project item only hold the customers vital information such as phone number, address, delivery method, etc. The subitems is what holds all the item details like the type of wood, finish colors, the type of table/console/etc., and the item name.

When orders are delivered, the delivery driver takes pictures of the table/piece in the customers home and uploads those photos to a FILES column that is located within the main project item table (not uploaded to a subitem column). We then have a marketing manager that takes these photos and has to download them and then rename them to a relevant file name such as “TRESTLE TABLE - 3 RING SIGNATURE - WALNUT.jpg” Where the corresponding columns would be “ITEM TYPE - ITEM NAME - TYPE OF WOOD”. Right now this I s a very manually labor intensive task and we are trying to find a way to simplify it. Is there any third party app that could do this for us and then in turn store all the picture files that have been renamed in a folder somewhere? Even if we can get the information in an easy to read place so that the marketing manager can easily see the vital information to still manually rename and download the files would be a big step forward too. In that instance we are trying to create an automation that has a recipe something like… “When DELIVERY PHOTOS column changes, create an ITEM on BOARD” where the BOARD is a separate board that would just have the columns DELIVERY PHOTOS, ITEM TYPE, ITEM NAME, TYPE OF WOOD. Since all of that information is located within a subitem, it doesn’t allow us to transfer it into a new item. I’ve tried to set up Summary columns on the main project item to mirror and be able to display that information as well with no success. Those columns remain blank and will not populate. The big precursor here is, we don’t want the marketing manager to have access to any of the customers information, sales prices, phone numbers, addresses, etc. So we want to give her access to only the board that would pull the vital information she needs to be able to rename all of the photos, and not have access to all 8 of the sales reps boards. Now we do think that we could set this up in a way that could work by setting view permissions on all other columns so they have access to all boards but can only see the information they need. With 8 boards and over 25 columns that would need to be hidden on each, thats a lot of permissions to assign and manage. There are also some columns that are edit locked, so we can’t set a view and edit permission on a single column which would be very useful and would most likely solve this problem as well.

I hope that makes sense with what we are trying to achieve. Thanks again for any input on how to make this work.