Create new item from google spreadsheet

Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure if this is the right “medium” to ask… but :slight_smile:
I’m looking for an automated way to add items to a specific board by syncing with Google spreadsheet, so every time a new row is added, a new item will be created on my Monday board (with columns data as well :))
is it possible? Thanks!

Hi Ariel,

I work for a consulting firm in Minnesota and would love to set some time up to chat and understand your needs. Please feel free to reach out to and I can help you assess the feasibility of this.

Peter Lyngdal

Hi @arielkd! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I see that @plyngdal has offered his assistance, which is wonderful! I also wanted to add a suggestion for your request, since we do not currently have an automation or native integration to take care of this.

It sounds like you could set up an integration using Zapier, though, to achieve what you are looking for! You can explore all of the options here:

Thanks Mellisa!
I actually tried Zapier, and created a new item, but to update the columns, you (Monday) expected to get a JSON, and I’m not a tech guy, just a simple product person :slight_smile:
I’m talking with Peter and with ESL in Israel to solve it.

Thanks for the help,

Glad to hear it @arielkd! For anyone else who may have this same question in the community, we recently released a Knowledge Base article with more information on the JSON formatting:

Zapier JSON Formatting Examples

Hope you find it helpful!