Created a time difference through a formula, now looking for time difference status

Hello, I have created three columns:

  1. Est Hours (Number field)
  2. Time Spent (Time Tracking)
  3. Diff in time (Difference between Est Hours & Time Spent) with this formula:
ROUND(({Est Hours}-({Time Spent#Minutes})),1)&" minutes"

Now I’m looking for a time status field (4th column) which tells if the task is done on time or not.

If the value is positive it means task is done on time, if the value is negative it means the task is not done on time or delayed & if it is 0 it means nothing, the status should be blank then.

Please help me out in creating a formula for the 4th column where we could generate a time status result through the diff in time field. Or there is any other way of doing this other than a formula.

Attaching an image:

Let me know its possibilities.

Hi @nitishguglani :wave: ,

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This should work out for you.


IF({Time Spent#Minutes} <= {Est Hours}, IF({Time Spent#Minutes} = {Est Hours}, "Just On Time", "On Time"), "Overdue")

Let me know if this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hey thanks for resolving and the formula works well.

But I’m stuck with one more issue at the moment. It is showing “on time” for tasks that are not yet started or not even allotted the Estimated hours, is it possible to keep it blank if there time spent field is empty?

Attaching the screenshot below:


IF({Est Hours}="","",
    IF({Time Spent#Minutes} <= {Est Hours}, IF({Time Spent#Minutes} = {Est Hours}, "Just On Time", "On Time"), "Overdue")

@GCavin Thanks for replying, but there is something wrong with the formula. It is not showing in blank if Est Hours is blank.

Here is the Screenshot:

Share a screenshot of your formula.

@GCavin Sure

Here it is:

{Est Hours} being a numeric field, try

IF({Est Hours}="0","", ...

instead of

IF({Est Hours}="","", ...


WORKED!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!