Creating A Group From Decisions On Another Board

Hey Community,

What I am trying to achieve is having a set of questions set up on a board and if the answer to those questions is yes, create an item on another board in a group.

As an example, we are selling a sandwich. On the first board there are status or drop down columns and the client answers yes/no to cheese, yes/no to tomato, yes/no to mustard, a dropdown box with a list of bread types to choose from.

Once all the questions are answered, there will be a trigger and I want only the yes answers and the dropdown selection to move to another board and be listed as task in a new group.

Is this possible?

Hi@Matt1 ,
Yes, it is possible to achieve the workflow you described using’s automation features. provides a variety of automation options, including the ability to create automations based on specific column values and triggers.

Here’s a general outline of how you could set up this automation:
1)Create Two Boards:
Board 1: This is where the questions are asked and answered.
Board 2: This is where you want to create tasks based on the answers.
2)Set Up Columns on Board 1:
Add columns for each question (e.g., Cheese, Tomato, Mustard, Bread Type).
Use dropdown columns for the questions that have predefined options.
3)Set Up Columns on Board 2:
Create a board with the necessary columns to store information about the tasks you
want to create (e.g., Task Name, Description, Assignee, etc.).
4)Create Automation:
Go to Board 1 and click on the Automations button.
Create a new automation that triggers when a specific condition is met
Define the conditions for triggering the automation. For example, you might set it to
trigger when all relevant columns have a “Yes” answer.
5) Define Actions:
Specify the actions that should occur when the automation is triggered. This will involve
creating items on Board 2 based on the answers from Board 1.
For each “Yes” answer and dropdown selection, use the “Create Item” action to add a new
task to Board 2.
6)Map Data:
When setting up the “Create Item” action, map the data from Board 1 to the
corresponding columns on Board 2.

7)Test the Automation:
Test the automation to ensure that it works as expected. You can do this by answering
the questions on Board 1 and checking if the tasks are created on Board 2 according
to your criteria.

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