Need Advice: How to create a new Board (from template) with tasks based on Form response

Hi team, thanks for helping me here.


  • I have a form that collects data about the scope of a project.
  • The responses end up in a row (each question has its column).
  • When I click a button at the end of the row, it triggers an automation to create a new board using a template.

What I want it to do:
Ideally the Automation takes the answers from the form-question and creates new groups / items / sub items whenever a specific condition is met.

An example: Let’s say the question was, what is the scope of the Training. The answer (based on a multiple choice tick box) would be “In person training” and “Video Calls”.
This then should resolve in creating a group “Training” with the items “Do in person training” and “Video call” with sub-items “schedule”, “host” and “debrief”

These are all only examples. How can I achieve this?
Thanks again. You are the best.

Hey Klaus!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

To clarify, are you wanting this automation to create these groups/items/subitems on the new board created once the button is clicked? Or to create them within the board the form submissions are received?

It sounds like if you edit your button automation to “create board from template”, you could use a distinct template board with the groups and items you are describing for each specific multiple choice answer.

For example, the “in person training” and “video calls” option would trigger a board to be created that has the appropriate groups/items/subitems already set up.

You would first create these template boards and then create a recipe like the following so that a new board is made from this template when you click the button:

Alternatively, you could use a trigger specific to the multiple choice question answers instead of being triggered when the button is clicked. That type of automation recipe could look something like this:

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! :blush: