Creating an online form which has conditional confirmation messages

We are trying to create a very simple form which consists of 1 multiple choice question. Depending on the users answer/submission we would like to show them a specific confirmation message. For example:

If option A is selected confirmation message is 'Thanks for your answer. Did you know that we also offer this… ’
If option B is selected confirmation message is ‘Thanks for your answer. Sorry that you did not enjoy…’

Struggling to find any form tools online which allow you to do this! Doesn’t have to be in either.


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Hi @cloover

Thanks for posting this - conditional confirmation messages would be really useful!

While there may not be a native (or otherwise) way to change the confirmation message based on the answer to the question, if your confirmation message was going to include another question, such as ‘Did you know we also offer x’, then you can set a conditional answer to serve that purpose for you in a way.


Not ideal, but might get you through your objective.
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