Creating automation between CRM and Project Managment


I am trying to figure out if it’s possible to create and automation below use case:

Deal is registered in CRM and status changes to win once that’s done I want a new projected crested under Project management with that clients name and other information and also same with work management to track hours.


Hi @Seanmm :wave:

Sounds like you could benefit from this recipe:

With the above, when your status in the CRM changes to ‘win’, you can create an item in another board (your project management). You will be able to map which columns/data come across from the known CRM details - provided you have the columns set up to receive that data in the project management board.

Give me a shout if you need a hand navigating that - or indeed if this doesn’t suit and you had something else in mind :slight_smile:

Absolutely, it’s possible to automate the flow between your CRM and project management tools. I faced a similar challenge in my business, where we needed to integrate CRM wins into project management and track hours efficiently. We decided to explore customized automation solutions to handle these processes seamlessly.

We worked with Crispy Software Solutions, who personalized their automation services for our needs. They used tools like Make, Zapier, and Airtable to create a system where once a deal was marked as won in our CRM, it automatically set up a new project in our management software with all the relevant client info and initiated time tracking. This automation saved us a lot of manual effort and significantly improved our workflow efficiency.

If you’re looking to streamline such processes, I’d recommend checking out They can tailor automation solutions specifically for your business needs.