Creating Due Date Trigger with Statuses

I run a standard project multiple times a year and would like to standardise the due date for individual actions, based on the overall go-live date. E.g. action 1 needs doing week -8 from go live week, etc.
Can I automate this so that when I insert the go-live date the rest of the actions have their due dates auto set? Thanks, very new to Monday so apologies if this is answered elsewhere or super basic… Thanks, Zoe

Hi Zoe,

yes its possible.
Add an dependent Column and set each row dependent to the further row (from last to first).
Set the rule/automation “Ensure that the date of an item always starts after the date of its dependency item”
to fully activate dynamic dates and add the duration (period) to each row.
If there is a break between two actions u need to add a break item.
Now you just need to edit the last item/go-live date. And this is also adjustable by a automation.
Done. :slight_smile:


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