Creating Project Plans with set timelines in order

Monday is great for creating a project plan, breaking phases down into their steps and showing how long for a development a project will take.

During our project start we give estimates on timelines for development and promise to meet those dates. Using monday we breakdown those timelines into items to show the customer. A pain point we have is that this can be very tedious selecting the date for each item and ensuring it flows one after another. Using dependencies I have been able to streamline which items follow each other but selecting the dates is still tedious part.

With the new Dependency update of Strict vs flexible. I see great pros and many cons. Mainly with Flexible, I would like an option to set a specific time to be locked. Meaning that when I create the plan it will not go backwards in time when I select a timeframe before the start. I would like Monday to know I want this item to go after the start date.

Problems I have with flexible is that it will push timelines backwards when I enter a new timeline, instead of pushing the new timeline forwards to be after the original timeline

Found a solution where when I create the timeline for the desired timeframe I keep the dependency column in the strict setting. Then when I am done change it to flexible and it keeps my desired start date the same while properly pushing out the items forward as intended