Creating tasks list from Jotform submissions

Is there a way to create an automation that will create a task for each “question” on a jotform after the form is submitted?

I am open to using Microsoft Forms, Forms integration on or any other app/integration.

What I am trying to do: Employee creates a safety observation form and all questions are create3d as tasks on board or sprint. I need to allow them to track completion of those tasks. Bonus if I can have the question create a task conditional upon a certain answer (yes/no questions)

So far everything I have tried creates new columns for every question ( Forms) which doesn’t allow you to assign, track completion, etc. Or it creates just one task/item with a note that includes the forms submission (Jotform/MS Forms) which does not allow you to see all tasks and track easily.

I know there has to be a way, I’m just having trouble finding it as I am new to this.

Hi Michelle,

I believe create subitems automatically based on form responses would work better. I have built a similar use case with the help of conditional form answers. Happy to chat over a call to discuss :slight_smile:


To achieve the automation you described, where each question on a JotForm is turned into a task on (or another platform), and optionally, tasks are created conditionally based on specific answers,you can use Make .
You can create a scenario in Make that will trigger when a new form is submitted in Jotform, and then create a new task in for each question on the form.
If you encounter any further issues or have additional questions, feel free to ask.

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