Creation Log Shows Wrong Person

Please advise on “Creation Log” showing/notifying the wrong person!

Use Case:

  1. User1 creates item1 in Board1.
  2. User1 duplicates item1 in Board2 and uses “Connect Boards” column to connect item1Board2 with item1Board1.
  3. User2 is listed as creator in “Creation Log” column on Board2.

Why is User2 being listed as the creator in the “Creation Log” and receiving a notification that User1, the actual creator, “subscribed to User1’s item in Board2”?


  • User2, who is being assigned “creator” for items they did not create, is the person who made Board1, but they did not make Board2.

  • There are no automations on Board1 or Board2 that include the “Creation Log” or assigning a creator.

  • This error in the Board2 “Creation Log” does not happen for any item created in, or linked to, any other board but Board1.

  • These items are all created directly in the board; they are not submitted by form.

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help.


Hey Bill - are you using any automations for these actions or are you manually duplicating the item and moving them over to Board2?

My team members manually create the item in Board1, and then an automation on Board1 duplicates the item on Board2 and links it back to the original item on Board1 via a “Connect Boards” column.

The automation being used is written as:

When an item is created
Then create an item in Board2 and connect Board1 with Connect Boards Column

In which the item has only a specified group and name in its additional form pop-up window. And only Board1 is selected when asked to choose where the board linkage will be created (i.e., not both boards).

@monday-team , any suggestions?

I’ve read threads with a similar issue happening when submitting forms, but all parties in my use case are using directly on their web browsers (Safari or Chrome).

  • All users are logged in to their own accounts in a single active session.

  • All users are owners on both mentioned boards.

I have tested and deduced that the person being assigned as the creator of every item in the “Creation Log” on Board2 is whoever creates the automation in Board1 that creates/links the item in Board2. I had other team members duplicate and mute the original automation to test, and each time they were switched to the creator.

But I do not understand why???

Bill - apologies for the late reply!

I believe that Monday is assigning ownership based on who originally created the automation.

If User2 created the automation that duplicates the item from Board1 to Board2, they would be marked as the creator. It’s a Monday quirk and I don’t think there’s any way around it.

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Seconding @Vtab - if an item is created by an automation, the automation’s original creator is credited with the creation of the new item. Only workaround we’ve found is to track the “creator” using a separate People column that is populated before the item is duplicated by the automation.

As the System Admin of our account & owner of several boards, automations & integrations, I created a dummy admin user that I use to create new boards, automations & integrations so that my profile is not associated with process related activities such as the creation of new items when a user can’t be identified or automated updates to fields. It helps differentiate when an activity occurs as part of the process versus when I manually make updates to a board or item. A bigger bonus is that it allows me to only be notified about my true day-to-day work & not everything else my profile is being associated with because I’m the default owner/creator.

We also add a People field to all of our boards to identify the true creator of the item. On forms we include an email address field & use the vLookup app to identify the submitter.

Have you found a solution yet? I’ve had this issue for a long time. To me this automation is poorly designed. The one that triggers the automation should be the owner. If you have a board where an automation creates a new item in that board and the boards permission is set to view/edit your own items, the user can never use the automation because it ties it to the person who created the automation. Terrible bug. And you’ll never get monday support to admit it’s a bug (it’s by design). If they use their brains, they could get more people to use automations and more transactions ($$) for them but it limits the use of automations.