How can I fill creator to the creation form in automation?

I’m using this automation:

In the “item” part, I cannot choose Creator to assign to a Person column in other board. I tried to combine “item created => set creator as person” and this one, but the order of execution is indetermined, therefore sometime it works, sometime not.

Hi! Great question. On the board where you set up this automation - have you set up the recipe “when item is created, set creator as assignee” in your people column? You should then be able to map the people column from this board into the the target board where you are creating these new items. If that is not the case, I encourage you to send us a quick email at so we can look into this more specifically for you! Cheers!

@lauraglev about this ,
do you know if the android issue was solved?

Android Issue: Users that fills the forms are not well registered on creation column, monday looks into chrome or other web app insted of looking on the monday native app. Problem is i cant keep the users logged onto web browsers app, so we need to look into the app…

So, when cant find a logged user on web browser app, it puts the board creator in the pulse creation log, and this is not right.

As I mentioned in second paragraph, I used that flow, but the order of execution is indetermined, so if the item creation goes first, then the creator is not copied over.

Hi - makes sense! The recipe you posted above would work best for form/auto data input (i.e. from our API). Would you be able to use either of these recipes as an alternative in combination with the creator recipe we spoke of before?


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Hi @lauraglev,

I tried this recipe but it didn’t work:

The status change is not recommended as it takes 3 runs just for a simple automation (created => who, created => status, status => create item). In addition, the order of execution is also indetermined. Sometime, I still see status changed first, then create item in the other board, then set Who column. At this time automation recipes go to a queue and there is not a way to choose which one is fire first but we are working on adding that.

If you like you can send over screenshots of the board and automations so we can take a closer look at the workflow you have set up. You can email them at so we can take this conversation there if you like.

Hi! Thanks for the clarification - I see you added the creation log into the part of “assigned to” - can you try adding a specific team member? This should then work as expected :slight_smile: If not, let us know at!


Hi @lauraglev,
Yes, it works, but it does not fullfil my need.

If I tried to set “Who is assigned to Who”, it seems that the other automation is pending for a long time (Creator as Who). Maybe the function is running recursively forever somewhere.

@lauraglev any news on this related issue? its solved?


Lisa here for Laura. For this specific recipe, there is no support for the people column or creation log column. This was reflecting in error and has since been rectified.

The recipe can be set to either specific team members or a team. so far we still have no solution for this yet. It’d be better if I can use Creator in the item creation form.

Hi @hlopezvc and! Currently, the creation log (showing the user who created the item) is not yet supported as mentioned. You’d need to use a team member or team in this case. We are happy to look into how to we can support this column going forward though and appreciate you both sharing your use cases on this! Cheers!