How is Creator assigned from a form?

I have a ticketing board, where I set up a form that people can fill out that will create a ticket for another team to work on. I would like to set it up, so that I can automatically send the person that filled out the form notifications about the status of their ticket. I have tried creating a person column and creating notifications based on who the person assigned to the ticket is, and I believe this is the best way to do this. But I need a way to automate the assigning process to the specific person that filled out the form. I have tried using the automation “When a new item is created, assign creator as person”, but for some reason, this only assigns me as the person. Am I setting up the automation wrong, is there another automation that I could be using to do this, or another process that might work for me better? Thank you for the help!

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See this similar thread about WorkForms which should allow that automation to work correctly:

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