CRM - dynamic acitivity links to customer names used by different owners and boards

I have a master client list where I want to collect all comments from different teams that interact with each client. FOr instance, the grants team and the programs team will both interact with one client simultaneously - but have very different work flows and schedules. I want to keep the master list as the “holder” of all relational activity and link the client to each of the different teams’ board to manage their work. Since the client name is the pulse entry and identifier, I can’t seem to fund a way to link or mirror the column so activities can be entered by all team members. The options are only the other fields used for each entry. Does anyone have an idea of how I can approach this?

Hey @KatiFabretto, welcome to the community!

Thanks for posting and explaining a bit about what you’re looking to do.

Have you already thought about using the table widget on a dashboard to this? The Table Widget

You could use this to aggregate information about clients from across specific teams, if each client was represented in a status column or tags column in the teams’ boards. I am imagining you could have a dashboard per client or you could have a single overview dashboard which would be your master client list.

What do you think?